Genuinely Southern Forests, Western Australia

Western Australia

Genuinely Southern Forests, unifying and promoting one of Australia's most significant, incredibly scenic and diverse food producing regions.

A small pocket of Western Australia, the Southern Forests region is one of incredible variety and abundance, and its status as one of the nation's premier food bowls is growing everyday.

The Southern Forests locals have known about it for years; in this gorgeous, pristine part of the world, something magical is going on.

Maybe it's the clear, crisp air. Or the extraordinary fertility of the soils. Maybe it's the 365 growing days of the year, or the purity of the rainfall. Or maybe it's a combination of all these things. Truth is, no one is really sure. But what we do know is this. Every time you bite into an apple, or slice an avocado, or you're tempted by a truffle, or any of the wondrous vegetables, meats, fruits and nuts that are grown in the Southern Forests region, you'll be left with no doubt that this array of fresh local produce simply looks, smells and tastes better.


The Southern Forests Food Council was formed in 2012 to foster the Southern Forests region as one of the nation's key future food bowls and culinary tourism destinations.

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Southern Forests Food Council Inc., 1 Johnston Crescent, Manjimup Western Australia 6258

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